Yoni Eggs!!!!

Rose Quartz


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Yoni Eggs have been used for over 2,000 years. Jade eggs were exclusive to the Empress and the Emperor’s concubines. They believed that the secret to a long healthy life was blissful love making and yoni eggs keep a healthy, lubricated vagina… even well into menopause!

Today we make them out of many stones, not only to have a juicy, sexual, life, but also for womb healing, trauma healing, meditation, upleveling, grounding, balancing energy… basically everything.

Take a deep breath and let your intuition guide you. If you can’t hear that voice in your head you might want to start with one of the stones that connects you to your intuition 🌀

Order the egg of your dreams, for a limited time!

These are made in the USA in Boulder Colorado, shipped to me in LA where I will clear and charge them using moonlight and ancient Taoist Qi Gong energy techniques, before sending them on to you. I’ll be sending you an interview I did with a long time Yoni Egg teacher after you order as a Thank You!

These are source responsibly, made with love, care and attention, in an old fashioned hand tooled way.

Shipping is FREE in the US. If you are in Australia I’ve got a friend who will be shipping them locally so it will only be couple extra bucks! info (at) theperiodcoach.com


If you’ve never used a Yoni Egg before I suggest starting with the Jade, Rose Quartz, or Fancy Jasper. Start with drilled and choose the pre-packaged option. Your egg will come in a sealed pouch, with a user guide, keepsake silk pouch, and four ‘pocket crystals’ perfect for everyday use and great to help you decide which egg should be next!

As for size, you’ll hear a lot of people say to start large, that it’s harder to keep a small egg in as it takes stronger muscles. But a LOT of women see the larger eggs and are like, NO. Which is funny because most of us have had larger peni or toys inside, but the large stones are heavy and this is a HEALING object which can trigger a lot of I’m not ready for this emotion. You’ll also see suggestions to start small, because they are lighter and you move to large because they are heavy. So… yeah.

I started with a medium one and had no problem. I highly recommend starting by sleeping with your egg in (when you’re ready for that, you can actually start by just holding the egg and feeling it out, meditating with it) and sleeping with the medium egg was super easy.

In fact I’m no vaginal gymnast, and I was having sex once a month if I was lucky for the two years before I got my egg so I really wasn’t a gymnast or even open to be honest, and I held it for three days. So I personally think that saying you have to start large or small isn’t true either way.

Start with what you feel best with. My medium eggs are still my favorite as far as size is concerned, I have small and large, I work with those because of the crystal energy not because of the size.

Shipping is included in the price so if you order more than one I can discount your purchase!

If you order 2 I’ll send you a $10 refund, if you order 3 = $40 refund, 4=$50!!! (sorry international peeps, this is US only, but if you are ordering 3 or more I will totally cut you a deal!)

FINALLY: This round I’m offering Yoni Steam Herbal Sachets! So if you’d like more information about them please email me info @ ThePeriodCoach.com and if you order an egg there will be NO SHIPPING!

Using a combination of Mugwort, Motherwort, Yarrow, Chamomile, and Lavender this is a beautiful companion for your Yoni! NOT to be used is possibly pregnant, pregnant, if you have an IUD, or during menstruation. This is powerful medicine.

***You must always inspect your egg for cracks or chips before each use (hold up to light). Nephrite Jade is by far the strongest and is the safest for internal work. If you ever drop your egg be sure to give it a thorough inspection. Instructions for cleaning come with the PrePackaged eggs so get that if you’re unsure. Cracks or chips may develop over time, that’s when to stop using internally and add to the alter!

First Timers Start Here:

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 6.02.28 PM

NEPHRITE JADE GIA Certified ~ Darker green and a stronger grounding energy than the New Jade. This is the Jade the empress used. It’s stronger than New Jade, and used as a protection stone often. It brings peace, and serenity as well as making life richer. It’s often thought to bring good luck and peace to you.

Heart Chakra, Deep Mother Earth and Guardian Energy, Middle Dantian. Jade connects the heart chakra and when used internally connects the heart to the root and womb. This stone is particularly good for bringing wealth into your life.



Rose Quartz Yoni EggROSE QUARTZ GIA Certified ~ This is the stone of love! If you’re looking to heal emotions or open your heart chakra this is the stone for you. This is the gentlest of these three beginner eggs and can absorb old trauma to remove from the body. She is the stone of trust, which always leads to an open heart! BUY NOW

Heart Chakra, Mother Earth Energy, Middle Dantian. This is an excellent choice to heal in the arms of The Mother. All of the chakras tune into this love energy. (and my first egg!)


Fancy Jasper Yoni EggFANCY JASPER ~ Gentleness and relaxation. Bringing tranquility, comfort, wholeness, and healing. This is good if you’re not healing trauma. A very gentle energy and easy to use to bring calm into your life. BUY NOW

Solar Plexus Chakra, Water/Earth Energy, Middle Dantian. Use this to relax, to ground. If you feel hard, need to soften, or just want a little ease and flow!


More Experienced Sisters Check These Out:

Amethyst Yoni EggsAMETHYST ~ Often used in meditation to help reach higher vibrations. This is the stone of purification, promoting clarity and curing impatience. Often used to help release negative actions, thoughts, or habits.

Crown Chakra, Spirit Energy, Upper Dantian. A protector, if you feel your space or body needs balance, clearing, or a shield this is a perfect option. BUY NOW


Blue Quartz Yoni Egg

BLUE QUARTZ ~ The soothing Stress Relief stone! This stone enhances both mental prowess as well as psychic powers and ability to connect with your intuition. Used by readers and students this stone improves memory, and more importantly enhances the ability to comprehend and make connections. BUY NOW

Throat & Third Eye Chakras, Spirit Energy, Upper Dantian. While this stone enhances organization and self-discipline it activates latent psychic ability like clairvoyance which can be unnerving at first.


Clear Quartz Yoni Egg

CLEAR QUARTZ OR CRYSTAL QUARTZ ~ This is an amplifier. What ever intent you put into this stone will be amplified as you work with it. This stone also has memory tuning to you every time you use it. BUY NOW

All Chakras, Spirit Energy, Upper Dantian. This stone raises the vibration to the spirit realm.


Red Jasper Yoni EggRED JASPER  GIA Certified ~ Libido booster, this stone enhances strength, endurance and vibrancy. The Egyptians linked this stone to the fertilizing blood of mother Isis and the Native Americans called this “the blood of mother earth”. This stone has a noble down to earth energy. BUY NOW

Root Chakra, Fire and Water Energy, Lower Dantian. This stone increases Chi over time. Also used to call in the rain! This stone stimulates the rise of Kundalini Energy into all of the chakras.


Rhodonite Yoni Egg

RHODONITE ~ Restoration and reinvigoration define this stone. She is a love stone, self-love specifically. Focusing one’s gifts for the good of all this is a generous stone. Centering, calming, and grounded support while dealing with emotional issues while you release self-destructive tendencies. Brings you back to center.

Heart Chakra, Air/Wood/Fire Energies use with intent, Middle Dantian. This stone is good for sleeping as it helps us to understand the messages and meanings in our dreams and visions. BUY NOW


Agate GIA Certified ~ The balancer of Yin and Yang energies. This crystal is great for balancing intellectual and emotional energy. It’s calming, soothing and stabilizing, yet inspires courage through its protective nature. This stone has been placed in drinking water to aid in healing. It has been used in meditation to deeply ground by opening up to the earth energy and dispelling blocks in your energy.  BUY NOW

Root Chakra, Mother Earth Energy, Lower Dantian. This stone helps you to achieve a calm meditative state so if you’re working on something big and need to keep your energy moving while staying deeply rooted this one is for you!


Advanced Sisters ONLY!!!

Black Obsidian Yoni Egg

BLACK OBSIDIAN GIA Certified ~ Used to clear trauma from the body, this stone can reach back thru the generations and heal ancestral wounds (Many of us have trauma from the Burning Times). For my sisters who’ve experienced more than one should in this lifetime, or previous lifetimes, both bloodline or spiritual pasts. BUY NOW

Root Chakra, Spirit Communication Energy, Lower Dantian. This is a powerful shadow or blood work stone. This is for our sisters who are ready to face strong emotions like anger and fear. Special clearing work must be done with this stone after use.


Blood Stone Yoni EggBLOODSTONE ~ Purity of blood. This stone is used to bolster vitality, passion, courage, strength and determination. Used as a talisman for illness, for the mystical and magical. Nurturing Mother Goddess Stone, helpful in easing mother issues and healing the bonding process. Also know as the stone of “Noble Sacrifice”. Particularly powerful if you have any womb illness, or heavy bleeding. BUY NOW

Root Chakra, Spirit Communication Energy, Lower Dantian. This stone will bring you the unflinching truth.



Get any of the above eggs package in a sealed bag, with a silk keepsake pouch, a guide, and four pocket stones! Just choose PrePackaged on the check-out page.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 8.36.17 AMScreen Shot 2016-09-06 at 12.24.20 PM

I’ll be sending our order out when the doors close assuming we meet the bulk buy minimum. If we don’t I will fully refund you, tho I really doubt that will happen! These eggs will be made, shipped to me, then I will clear and charge them before sending them out to you. I thank you for your patience and will be sending out a meditation to practice before you get your egg. I’ll also send some surprises to you while we wait! I’ll be ordering a few myself, so don’t worry, I’m just as excited as you are!!!