Fermented Shots! Lavender, Ginger Lime, Hibiscus, Turmeric, Jalapeno, Coffee
Sounds to good to be true doesn’t it?

Well I’m not going to say that if you eat fermented foods that you’ll lose 100 lbs and still be able to eat at McD’s but studies have shown that the bacteria in the gut of obese people vs non is different! 

So changing the bacteria in your gut is the first step to shedding those extra pounds! 

The bacteria living in your digestive track dictate how your food gets digested, how much, how quickly, what calories get absorbed, what goes where… if you have been battling the weight gain and loss rollercoaster this could be a huge reason why.

When your liver is congested, your intestines are filled with bad bacteria, you get constipated (or the opposite) and it shows. It shows to the outside world, not just your bathroom.

Your skin is a mirror of your gut. I was going to skip this but… think of your body as a doughnut. Your skin is the outside of the doughnut. The lining from your mouth to your anus is the inside of the doughnut. This is one long tube, I know it’s gross but the inside of the doughnut, your gut, is how everything gets absorbed into your bloodstream, while keeping the bad stuff out of you! If you are healthy and your gut is strong the good stuff goes through your gut lining into you, the bad stuff stays out. If there is bad stuff happening in your gut, it’s reflecting in your skin.

It shows up in your hair, even your eyes look dull. It can be zits, eczema, oily or dry skin, brittle hair, the whites of your eyes are no longer a bright shiny white…

We were made to eat ferments

We evolved eating fermented food. Our bodies host all those bacteria, you are their mighty ruler. If you fail to feed your people they will revolt and the bad guys will take over. We need fermented foods in order to keep the good guys alive, killing off the bad guys. 

Traditionally every culture eats fermented foods daily. Most eat them several times a day. With meals, as meals, as snacks, as drinks…

There is evidence of our ancestors eating fermented foods from 7,000 BC, when the Babylonians were fermenting beer. Of course there’s educated guesses that beer was being made in 12,000 BC but we haven’t found evidence yet. Wine comes next, which just goes to show how much we like our altered states! Then we know the Egyptians fermented foods like milk and cheese in 3,000 BC, the Romans added meat in 1,000 BC… you can only imagine how early those in the East started! Ok, you get my point!

Of course not all ferments are created equal, but anything is better than nothing! I say this only because low fat pasteurized yogurt exists. That’s not real food, and another article. So just avoid the low fat label and get your ferment on!

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