I know during the holidays you’re seeing a lot of people talking about ways to be healthy. Food choices you can make to help keep unwanted weight off, and bloating at a minimum. Eat your salad first so you won’t eat as much of the stuffing. Bah you and I both know if we can’t fit that second round of stuffing in right now we will in an hour.

I’m not going to be good over the holidays and I really don’t expect anyone else to be either.

I wanted to take a moment and tell you “It’s ok”.

Go enjoy yourself. Have that one bite to many. Life can not be about strict rules and regulations. There has to be an element of fun and “bad” behavior. Be bad.

The next day, go drink a green juice or make green smoothies for breakfast and congratulate yourself on making a good choice the next day. Smile about how awesome the night before was and how great today is going to be. 

Maybe add a big raw salad with lunch. Congratulate yourself on adding some fiber to your day. That will help with all the rich foods from the night before. Smile at how awesome all those rich foods were.

Repeat for each party. 

After the holidays are over. Instead of feeling guilty think about how awesome the food, and company was. Feel like you really celebrated. Feel like your soul is rejuvenated. 

Next year, we will work on detoxing and getting your body back on track. With a fulfilled soul it’s so much easier to get back on a healthy routine.  With happiness it’s so much easier to make the ‘good’ decisions. 

If you’d like a new years resolution that you’ll stick with why not resolved to hire a health coach? I will guide you into a healthy routine that you will enjoy. Something that will stick for the rest of your life not just a few weeks. 

So go celebrate! Be with friends and loved ones. Say yes to all the parties and laugh from your belly. I’ll be here for you next year.

Call me, Email me, Facebook me, or go ahead and reserve a time right now! We’ll get your spot reserved for January while there’s still space!

With that – I’m outta here til next year. There will be one more Clean Dinners this year. Right before New Years. Expect a dining celebration of new years foods from different cultures around the world! Don’t forget to make reservations, please let me know if you have any food allergies or requests! I’m always happy to oblige in anyway I can.