I’ve got a ton of info to get out to you and I’m trying to figure out the best way to tell you this story. In classic fashion I’m going to start with the beginning.

I’m breaking this down into a series format because I don’t want to overwhelm you. I also want to give you details and that would make for the longest blog post ever. 

Boobs Part 1: What happened to me

If you are of a delicate constitution I suggest you just skip this whole thing. If you are real person who understands that life happens and everything that goes along with it then read on. 

I get sore breasts during my period and the week proceeding. It’s just part of my awesome PMS. I’ve struggled with such severe PMS that I’ve landed in hospitals, I’ve passed out in the shower not once, but multiple times, I was put on birth control years before I became sexually active. I was on ever increasing doses of painkillers until I was the high schooler with a narcotics prescription. I’ve been found asleep on floors world wide (seriously world wide), tho passed out is a more accurate term. I suffer each and every month from what happens to normal people when they get a severe case of food poisoning. Freezing cold and shaking to dripping with sweat and fever the next minute. Puking until I had nothing left and then puking more until I just passed out on the floor of the bathroom. Not knowing if I should sit on the toilet because of the epic diarrhea or puke first. Like I said your worst episode of food poisoning EVERY SINGLE MONTH. 13 times a year. Every four weeks completely wiped out for DAYS. Not just wiped out, wiped off the face of the planet only to exists between the bathtub and the toilet. At a two day minimum that’s 26 days a year, two weeks of my life every year the the LEAST I spent in crippling pain, violently ill. 

I would lay in the tub every month, wrung out, crying, doing the math how many times this has happened, how many more times it will happen. When I can get a hysterectomy, I mean adoption is just fine with me. But would having to take replacement hormones be worse, taking pills every day for the rest of my life? Worth it I would think in the moment. 


Regardless of actually being alone, no one can take your pain on. I felt so isolated during my period, that, for a week after I would still feel as if there was no way anyone else could understand this. No one would ever be able to share this, I would always be on my own.

The birth control didn’t help. The narcotics didn’t help. Nothing I did worked, nothing western medicine offered helped. I wasn’t looking for a cure, just a little relief would have been fine.

I tell you this because I hope you can understand that sore breasts are seriously the least of my concerns.

I also tell you this so you can understand why it took me two months to notice that my boobs had been hurting continuously for two months.

At first I just chalked it up to PMS, then my period which would account for two weeks. But I never have pain in the other two weeks.

After my period the first month it dawned on me that my period had been over for a week and my breast were still sore. I thought to myself there are plenty of explanations for this I’ll see if it dissipates after my period this month. 

It didn’t

A week after my period I woke up in the dead of night. It felt like lightening bolts were crashing thru my body to my nipples. I know that sounds super crazy, but it hurt so much it woke me up.

Of course I looked it up immediately. It’s associated with pregnancy. I’m not pregnant.

So I chalked it up the the 2nd most common cause. Hormonal change. I’m 33 so it’s not menopause, but I have been studying hormonal balance in woman and I had stopped all of my supplements a month prior in order to ‘clean the slate’ and start over.

I thought, ‘well that was strange but maybe I was having some crazy dream I don’t remember, maybe there has been a hormonal shift… I don’t know’.

The next night it was much less intense but it happened again. It didn’t really wake me up with pain, but I woke up in the middle of the night again and the pain was an echo of the night before.

The next morning I called to schedule an appointment for a breast exam at Planned Parenthood and a thermography scan at Tao of Venus. I’ll get into those both later in this series.

Stay tuned for Part 2: Why I was so scared, next week.

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