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Welcome to the Replay!

Business can be bloody beautiful

when you go with your flow.

    Stop fighting your biology

     …and boost your business productivity!

    • Work with your body – no need to push
    • Enjoy the freedom that comes with confidence
    • Grow your business with rhythm and ease
    • Live more life

    Join me in – Your Business, Your Flow

    This program is totally unique.

    We’re a community optimizing our productivity, maximizing our freedom, syncing our business with our natural body rhythms, and having a blast doing it.

    We’ve been lied to our whole lives. We shouldn’t be hating our periods, our bodies, our natural cycle. We simply don’t know how to harness its power and we’re holding ourselves back, laden with hundreds of years worth of misconception. There’s no bridge between how to live and run a business in a modern world AND tap into our inherent power.

    Stop hating your period!

    It’s holding you back. It’s keeping you tired. It’s wasting your time. #celebratesharkweek #surfthecrimsonwave #alltheperiodhashtags Get to know your menstrual flow. Unlock your power, boost your business productivity and bleed boldly, my dears –

    month after month after month!

    Join Your Business, Your Flow and learn how

    This isn’t another business program that adds to everything you already need to do.

    This work gives you so much free time it’s like you’ve employed an assistant.

    As a bonus – you love your body and it loves you back.

    Stasha is a powerful and inspiring woman. Working with her has dramatically changed my relationship with my period. I loved Your Business, Your Flow so much I am doing it again – because you can always go deeper! I believe every menstruating entrepreneur should do this program. We have a super power – our period!

    Mitle Southey

    Intuitive Guide, mitlesouthey dot com

    Do you menstruate? Are you in business?

    This is for you. I don’t exclude any one who identifies as woman/nonbinary from my groups. I want you to be aware we talk about hormones, and the changes they cause in your brain, your productivity, your time management, your business structure… everything! If you don’t have a hormonal menstrual cycle this might not feel like a good fit for you, you’re welcome to book a call with me (scroll down) and we can talk. If do have a cycle and you want more productive days at work so you can enjoy more time at home, or take up a hobby, or hell – just get in a nap – this is for you!


    Know which day you’re on and plan with confidence

    In Your Business, Your Flow, I teach you to chart your cycle so you’ll know what power you have in each phase. Plan your business to be super productive WITH you. You don’t need a crystal ball, you just need a womb that bleeds, a calendar, and an willingness to trash the taboo to join this program.

    Do more work, have more down-time. PERIOD.

    Use your flow to work better, smarter – not harder.

    You’ll be surprised at what you can achieve when you use your flow as the ultimate business planning tool. Soak up more down time, and maximise productivity on the days when your energy, focus, and wit are all razor sharp. When you work with your flow, your flow works for you.

    It’s OK that you don’t know or love your flow right now

    We’ve elbowed our way into a seat around the boardroom table, the conference table, we may even sit in the ‘boss’ chair’. We’ve smashed a few glass ceilings. Trouble is, to get ahead in a ‘man’s world’ we have had to prove we could work ‘like a man’.

    From the roots of our language through to the way the business day is structured, it’s a man’s world. The thing is, there’s room for us too.

    Think of the world we live in, made by men, for men. Now think of all the phallic symbols they’ve created…am I right? Yes, it’s kinda funny, but think about it. It’s amazing. It’s awe-inspiring. Why shouldn’t the potency of female power manifest itself in a different, less ecosystem destroying, equally impressive way?

    From being told we were ‘unclean’ and enduring ritual ostracization, to crazy 18th century diagnoses of ‘female hysteria’ where it was thought a womb left too long unploughed by a penis literally drove us crazy, menstruating women have been pushed to the fringes because of our lady parts. Don’t be fooled, this fear of the yoni still permeates our society and culture. So if you’ve ever felt embarrassed, uncomfortable, or disgusted about your period, it’s OK – we’ve been brought up drinking the patriarchal Kool-Aid.

    Embrace the flow. Find the freedom.

    Why do I do this work?

    Your Business, Your Flow has been 20 years in the making.

    I’m Stasha, the Period Coach. I work with smart, savvy, women like you who never got a chance to learn their own biology. I help you not only fall in love with your period (imagine that!?!) but also naturally sync it with your business planning. I run my brilliant business on the road – travelling around the globe talking periods, taboos, power, and recruiting new women into the #ovarygang. Though right now COVID is keeping me locked down in Los Angeles, California.

    Why Periods?

    Because my story starts with painful, debilitating, exhausting periods. I was the Poster Child for classic Endometriosis. Passing out right before starting to bleed. The pain being so intense even narcotics and birth control were not dulling it. Imagine your worst food poisoning for three days straight. EVERY MONTH.

    Endometriosis has no cure. I had to learn to balance my hormones, keep them balanced, WHILE building and running a successful business. I wasn’t sure it was possible, but there was no one else doing this, so it was up to me.

    Now, you get to benefit directly from all those years I spent researching everything I could find on managing the menstrual cycle, looking for answers to why I had such horrid, painful periods.

    Your Business, Your Flow works, but there’s no magic pill. That’s why I’m here to coach you to work with your body to give you better knowledge, build better business and a better world.

    Before YBYF I thought there was something wrong with me. Why did i have amazing energy one week, only to crash the next? To feel crazy at times and when bleeding I’d be so anti-social and moody. Stasha showed me the beauty it is to be a women in my cycle, she shed light of the mystery of it all and what was my greatest nemesis, is now my friend.

    Christina Guillen

    Coach & Speaker, yourlifeinfullbloom dot com

    Are you ready to find your FLOW?

    We’re going to move step by step to set up a really strong foundation for your body, that’s Charting. 

    You’ll practice in Flow Freedom.

    We’ll connect into your vision and mission – in flow – and create a strategy for your business. 

    Use those plans to create true freedom in Your Business Your Flow!

    Then of course, we CELEBRATE!

    “Stasha teaches you to understand something that we traditionally see as a pain in the ass and struggle for us, she shows us how to take what is going on in your cycle and figure out when is the best time to do certain activities in your business.”

    “I’ve defiantly seen a return on investment for this program – it is helping me grow and be more effective in my business every day.

    Stasha is such a wise, knowledgable, fun and inspiring teacher. I hope you’ll sign up for YBYF because I know you wont regret it!”

    How much will this cost?

    FULL PRICE: Doors Close Sept 18th

    Pay in full $997


    4 installments of $250

    **If you use this program the odds are very good that you will make more money. It is a business growth program! I can't make promises but I can tell you my clients have made more. Ask Jay Crisp Crow about her most profitable quarter after planning in flow with me.

    There’s zero risk to join: I offer a 7-day

    no-questions-asked money-back promise.

     You’ll notice that there’s no punishment for choosing the monthly payments. I don’t believe living on a budget should be punished. Pick what works best for you!

    7 Day No Questions Asked Full Refund

    Decide this isn’t for you? Simply cancel your account within 7 days of joining, and I’ll refund your payment in full. The 7 days starts when the program starts, not today so don’t stress.

    30 Day Conditional Refund

    If you find during the first month that you’ve done the work, and the homework, and you don’t think this is for you I’ll take a look at what you’ve done and it will be possible to get a full refund. It may not, if you’ve done nothing that’s not the fault of this program, and not our responsibility. 

    If life circumstance has caused you to request a cancellation you are welcome to submit the details and it will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

    I literally grabbed a spot when Stasha announced this program! I was in a financial nightmare then, no job, relationship trouble and so much more. But I knew I had to work with Stasha and this was an investment I HAD to make. It was an investment in me and in a way to move forward. If you have felt any desire to work with Stasha and are longing for a deeper connection with yourself, I urge you to jump at this program. You will be glad you did!

    Sudiksha Joshi, PhD

    Blogger, We Are Always Learning

    Intersectionality in Action

    For every 7 women who FLOW with us, a sliding scale spot for a woman who identifies as Indigenous, Native, Black, Woman of Color will be opened. Inspired by ANDRÉA of Coaching as Activism. If you are a woman who would benefit from this scholarship please email info at theperiodcoach dot com.


    Here are the most common questions I get and answers so you can make the right choice for you:  

    I have irregular periods, making it impossible to plan. How could this possibly work for me?

    Oh girl! Most women are irregular and there’s two reasons this isn’t a bad thing. One, by creating flow in your life and charting you’ll become more predictable and you’ll see the rhythm created and learn to USE it.

    Two, this is all about mastering what works for YOU. I’ll show you tips and tricks for adapting on the fly because in any business you have to be able to FLOW.

    I can’t just take a week off every month when I get my period I have too much to do. (insert anxiety attack here)

    And if you did take a week off you would miss one of the most powerful times for your business each month! It’s not about taking time off, it’s about using that time CORRECTLY for your business. (Which could be taking the day off, I take 3 days!)

    I just don’t believe this will actually make a difference.

    I hear you, seeing is believing. It’s tough to get past such a huge taboo, I congratulate you for making it this far! Many women will breeze right by this too embarrassed or judgemental to even suspect there is power waiting for them. It kills me. But there’s only one way to really know and that’s to try it and see for yourself.

    I need to DO things, to see a change, not just learn more information.

    Then this is perfect. You’re literally going to put a plan together for your business. Using the group and these resources to create that plan. Then you DO that plan. It’s all about implementation. You can’t get the full benefits from this program without DOING the work.

    The point of you joining this is so that you have the info you need, support, help problem solving and if something crazy happens like your period decides to come a week late I’m here to help you adjust and keep FLOWING so you don’t miss a beat! But you do have to show up!

    I have really painful periods or PMS that really affects me, do I need to heal this first?

    Nope, in fact this will be part of your healing protocol. When I started I had THE WORST periods. PMS mood swings like a crazy person, fatigue so bad I’d sleep 12 hours at night and still need a 2 hour nap, migraines, pain so bad I’d cry in the bathtub to just make it all end, throwing up for days with horrific digestive issues… I made amazing strides in my healing through food and lifestyle but running a business made it all come back just as bad.

    That’s when I realized, your business needs to be in flow too and that’s a BIG part of healing and staying in balance.

    Do you have any remaining questions?

    YBYF was one of the best things I did for myself this year! I have so much more energy and so much less brain fog, which translates into more creative and potent expression in my business. In this program you will learn stuff you can’t get anywhere else – my one-on-one with Stasha was incredible!

    Isabel Parlett

    Potent Expression Coach,

    If you work with FEMALE clients

    This program could be a tax write off for you, check with your local tax laws. No matter what your focus is, health, business, intuition, when you’re working with women the insight this course will provide will make you a better coach and your clients will have more success… which is what makes you a better coach! Knowing where your client is in her cycle makes it easier for you to design her session. Giving her appropriate ‘homework’ for HER. This won’t just help you, this program will help your clients and we’re all about spreading this joy far and wide!

    Being on the pill killed my libido and added to my hormonal imbalance issues. I’ve always had hard, long periods with server, debilitating cramping. On the pill they were much lighter and less painful but they were still 10 days long. And I recently found out I have endo too. Thanks to Stasha’s YBYF program I’ve been healing my hormonal imbalances through food, nutrition and lifestyle changes and I am doing much better. In 23+ years no doctor has been able to help me with these issues in the way that Stasha’s program has.

    Kadee Clark

    Relationship Alchemist,

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