A little bit about menstrual cups:

☕️ They are much cheaper in the long run (not really that long a few months) than pads/tampons.

🍷 Less toxins for the body to absorb than tampons

🍺 Don’t disrupt the delicate eco system that is our vagina

🍶 Are multiple different shapes, sizes, and materials


Personally I’m a cloth pad girl most of the time. But there are occasions when I need an internal way to collect my blood. Like getting full on naked at the Korean Spa.

For almost 20 years I had the same cup. The Keeper.  Created in the 80’s out of 100% natural rubber we ballerinas used them instead of tampons. Let’s be real, a string sticking out isn’t supposed to be part of the show. When your teacher is a Russian Ballet Master you don’t want that string sticking out at the studio either. You’d think a leotard would end that problem, but a few lifts later… and that’s assuming you’re doing a show with a leotard on! I can’t count the times we were in… less clothing.

Obviously as a teenager it was mortifying if something like that happened.

Unfortunately somewhere in my 4 moves last year I lost mine. When I went to see what kind of cups are out there now I was overwhelmed to say the least.

In divine timing this quiz came up!

My result: Your ideal cup is a Size 1 in Lunette, Diva Cup, or Lena Cup based on the answers you have provided. You can also consider lesser know brands such as the Yuuki Size 1, Super Jennie Size Small, or Ruby Cup Small.

I haven’t ordered yet, I want to check them all out. I’m a total nerd.

Which one is your perfect cup?


Also shout out to one of the best URL’s I’ve seen in ages!