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 There is an immense amount of information out there, and it can be OVERWHELMING.


 I felt the samunnamed-1e way when I started down the path of my own healing. It took me years and many failures to figure it out. 

 Since I became The Period Coach I’ve had amazing clients and lots of opportunities to see what actually works. I’ve had the pleasure of being a guest teacher and working with other coaches. I’ve honed in on what women really need to know to take the reins when it comes to their health, so we can shorten your time to healing.


Working with my private clients, I’ve created a system to explore six key areas in a woman’s life over the course of 13 weeks. Join us, while we dispel harmful misinformation, replace it with new, empowering strategies, and support each other.


Step 1: Inner Game – because when you’ve got it, anything is possible!


3291616What’s ‘inner game’? It’s your women’s intuition. It’s your gut feeling. When you’ve got your inner game on, you can step back from a situation before making a knee jerk reaction. You can sense what direction you’re swaying and logically decide if it is a good or bad idea.

When you’ve clarified your goals and dreams you can start moving towards them! We will work together to make a list of goals that is authentic to you. If this step is skipped, it’s too easy to pop on the TV or hit up the bar. When you’ve got inner game you know what you’re working towards at all times.

Bonus Guest Teacher: Bri Seeley. Bri is dedicated to inspiring women to BE women, and create inspirational lives. From achieving clarity in their visions to making an impact with their gifts, she works with them to live life on their terms. She is also the author of The Inspirational Women Project, as well as the leader of the eponymous movement.


Step 2: Hormonal Balance – You can figure it out with my worksheet.


This is what I use to assess every client. T4845104hen, if you have sweet health insurance, you can get the appropriate tests. Regardless, you can start to work on your hormonal levels using this guide. (I didn’t have health insurance until well after I started working on healing myself, using only the questions on my worksheet.)

If you have PMS, painful periods, or any number of other symptoms you’ve just been living with, then something is out of balance. Let’s find out why! We’ll learn some practical ways of getting back in balance during this step that won’t resort to prescription drugs.

Bonus Guest Teacher: Shweta Parmar. Shweta’s mission to heal from polycystic kidney disease and her endless search for her True Self is driven by her reverence and love for Mother Nature, Ayurveda, Yoga and Universal Oneness. As an Ayurveda practitioner/therapist at GutsierLiving, she supports people who eat organic and healthy and still feel like crap to regain lasting energy in their day to day life.


Step 3: Nourishment – We will break up with the idea of dieting.


4625777No more counting calories or carbs. No more numbers on the scale to tell you your self worth. We will talk about food- the good, the bad, and the healing! During this step all those questions you have can be answered- vegan vs paleo, raw vs cooked, and what’s the deal with gluten and sugar?! Find out!!!

Bonus Guest Teacher: Josea Tamira Crossley. Josea is a Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), Yoga Teacher, Cranio-sacral Therapist (CST) & founder of Revive Radiant Health for Women. She believes that our well-being and empowerment as women is directly connected to the health of the Earth. Her mission is to change the world by supporting women to find their unique, intuitive soul path to restore radiant health through nutrition, meditation & lifestyle changes.


Step 4: Relationships – Oh, relationships!



There are the people that break you apart, and the ones that put you back together. There are the wolves, and the wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing. We’re going to get into ALL of that (from friendship to romantic relationships). And, because your relationships are simply external versions of how you treat yourself, we will examine how you can feel empowered in the most important relationship of all- the one with YOURSELF.

Bonus Guest Teacher: Teresa Salhi. Teresa is a coach, teacher and a woman obsessed with the intersection of purpose, passion and feminine wisdom. She is the founder of Empower The Dream, a positive corner of the Internet that provides women inspiring and right-now strategies to prioritize personal empowerment in their own lives and businesses.  From the ”who the heck am I?” meltdown to the rebel woman who is ready to bust down walls, from the up-and-coming business babe to the career changer and the newlywed to the newly single, she helps women get clear on who they are, what they want, and how to get it. 


Step 5: Financial Freedom – Does checking your bank account make you want to cringe?


7526100We’re gonna get real here. I want to break down the barriers and show you how your belief system is affecting your finances. Only through clarity can you begin healing a broken relationship! On top of that we’ll also get some very  practical advice.

Bonus Guest Teacher: Andrea Coeur. Andrea is hugely passionate about people making money doing what they love. Overcoming a traumatic past, she dedicated herself to personal development. She now profoundly empowers people to get out of their own way, and unleash their beauty and their brilliance.
She also offers masterclasses on prosperous leadership, joy-fueled fulfillment and magnificent self expression.


Step 6: The Mysteries of the Moon – taking a closer look at menstruation.



We will examine old rituals, self care, and magic. This is the biggest taboo that I want to break. Let’s talk to each other and share without shame. Join me in speaking your truth, learning from wise women, and loving the magic you possess inside!

Bonus Guest Teacher: Kathryn Cardinal. Kathryn is an herbalist specializing in women’s health, a Fertility Awareness educator , and a moon lodge facilitator . She will teach about the importance of connecting to our cyclical nature through self-care and ritual, ancient traditions of women’s menstrual huts and moon lodges, and share with you why all modern women could benefit from reconnecting to the ancient practice of gathering in sacred women’s circles. Kathryn will also touch on personal menstrual rituals and give you tools to flow through the different phases of your cycles, regardless of your age. 

This is a sacred space for women to learn, grow, and laugh together. This is where we will bust myths and trash taboos that keep us misinformed and isolated!


Extra Bonus Guest Teacher: Red Circle Co-Host Natalie Baack!


1826418_origAs a certified Eating Psychology Coach, Natalie’s expertise is in mind-body nutrition – making the connection between our bodies and physical health, with our thoughts, behaviors and lifestyle. She uses body positive and nourishing strategies rather than those that restrict or deplete to help her clients create more balance in their lives and bodies.

Her mission is to empower other women to love their bodies and their lives fully. If you want to feel more freedom in your life and relationships, if you feel overwhelmed with balancing your weight and loving your body, with finding a career that you love and one that supports your health instead of drains it, with keeping everyone else happy while still finding time for self-care, then you’ve come to the right place.


Week 13 Wrap Up

After two weeks on each of those topics, we’ll finish with an open circle where you can ask any questions still unanswered.  We will talk about staying connected, building our communities, sharing our knowledge and saying goodbye… for now.


Is This for You? It might be if…


  • you want to make better choices, but continually find yourself overwhelmed.

  • you know that you have more to offer than you are able to give. 

  • you have cravings for things you know aren’t good for you. 

  • you have untapped potential that needs to be released.

  • you know deep in your bones that the struggle of your period or menopause shouldn’t be this hard.

  • you find the ups and downs, the mood swings, and/or inability to react reasonably exhausting. 

  • you are sick of the cramps, acne, migraines, backaches, tears, etc.

  • you want to know what ‘normal’ actually looks like.

  • you want to gain clarity around all aspects of your life – from money to nutrition to spirituality.  

  • you are looking for a supportive place where you can ask the questions that are ‘taboo’.

  • you want to know what REALLY works and what doesn’t.

  • you want love community, knowledge, encouragement, permission, tools, support, freedom and security.

  • you don’t want another crazy diet, a new way to count calories, guilt, shame, fear, a scale, deprivation, starvation, or a new workout.


You may have tried different programs or diets or groups in the past. Please don’t give up!


Things just haven’t worked…yet, but the only way to fail is to stop trying. I ask that everyone commit to the unstoppable mindset. Think of your success as an inevitable conclusion. Be tenacious and you WILL succeed!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, let me be your curator – register now and get all the answers you need!


What You Get When You Join:




Plus, These Bonuses:


My Bonus: the Intro to Fermentation Webinar

Value: $200

Fermentation is such a huge tool in your healing kit. Since I’ll be sharing its magic with you, I’m also going to share how to make your own magic at home! I’ll share several different ferments and many of my favorite tips and tricks to making safe, healthy ferments.


Natalie’s Bonus: a Free One-Hour Call 

Value: $120

Natalie’s individual sessions are incredibly insightful and go deep into the mind-body connection.

This bonus is only available to the first twenty women who sign up, but everyone will be invited to join her Self Love Survival Guide Facebook group, featuring daily tips and inspiration as well as a FREE monthly group coaching call!


Kathryn’s Bonus: Free Follow-Up Herbal Consultation

Available with the purchase of an initial consultation, this bonus will allow you to make  the most of working with her 1-on-1 and get additional support that would not be possible with a single consultation. Kathryn will help you put together a customized holistic health plan and guide you through it. Don’t miss this unique opportunity!


Bri’s Bonus: Meet Your Future Self

Do you have questions about your current situation? Or what steps to take next? Access a meditation to meet the future YOU – because she has all the answers you’ll ever need!


Andrea’s Bonus: Intuitive Sales Talk

Are you tired of being terrified of sales? Access this recording on how to be fearless around sales and truly serve your prospect, from a powerful place of intuition. Learn how to increase your closing and love the process.


Josea’s Bonus: Revive 101 Program

Rethink your nourishment, rebalance your hormones, reawaken your vitality and revive your radiant health!


Extra Special Chocolate Bonus

I’m going to sit down and talk with Bethanne Wanamaker, the woman behind Edible Goddess Chocolate. We’re going to chat about good chocolate, what to look for, how chocolate is a benefit to us ladies…basically, it’s all about CHOCOLATE!


How much is all that awesome worth?


 7 Weeks focused on my 6 Steps to Empowerment – $3,000
This includes the live webinars as well as the recordings of each week.
6 Weeks of inspiring Guest Teachers$2,000
These talks and interviews will also be interactive live and available as recordings.
Exclusive access to our secret Red Circle Facebook Group$550
 In this group you can as unlimited questions, share stories and inspiration. Post challenges and ask for support. I highly encourage you to find a ‘sister’ – someone to connect with to offer and receive support through this program and beyond! You may find the person who will help transform your life, and you may be the person who helps transform a life! No price can be put on that.
Natalie’s private coaching package – $1,500
Natalie will be sharing her coaching and insight with us for all 13 weeks live, we are very lucky!

Bonuses (above) worth over $8,320 


Of course, that’s not what you’ll pay with The Red Circle! I created this package so you would have access to all this incredible information and these incredible women at an affordable price.


Join us now and say, “best decision ever!”


As soon as you purchase, you’ll receive more information and access to the group.


Tell Me More!

What Other Women Love About The Red Circle:


132740045“Here is the first part of my before and after story, just a picture of my face. I am thinner, my hair is healthier, and my skin and eyes are brighter. I have a jawline and the beginnings of cheekbones now too. Horray!

– I have lost almost forty pounds
– I have a waist, collar bones, and for the first time EVER some tone in my arms
– My face is more defined (see face before and after)
– I have naturally better posture
– I can fit in the photo frame! (it was actually impossible for me to find a before photo where I was entirely in the frame. Sad, but true.)
– I fit in a size M shirt instead of XL, and 10-12 pants instead of 16
– When I meet people for the first time, I no longer feel like they are just seeing a fat woman… they get to have a different first impression
– I feel beautiful when I dress up to go somewhere”

-Elizabeth Beir 


____________________________7053729“Stasha creates a space for me to be brutally honest – with myself – about what’s really going on in my head and in my heart. She lovingly but firmly points me back to my goals and supports me in my desire to take accountability seriously. I look forward to our work together every week and I always come away with having learned something new – sometimes it is an insight into the depths of who I am and sometimes it is fascinating factual info about nutrition or some other aspect of health. If everyone had access to the kind of practical and spiritual support Stasha provides, boy would we be happier, healthier and smarter, too!”

-Elisabeth von Halem


1430963565 “Two months ago I had a consultation with Stasha. At the time, I had a grocery list of symptoms that were slowing down my athletic life and generally robbing me of optimum health. Now I write to report that there has been some considerable progress for the better. I was constantly lethargic and had chronic insomnia. These days, I feel much better energy levels and am sleeping a solid 6 hours a night (a miracle for me). My joint pain is amazingly reduced, I am not depressed nor anxious and even my reliance on caffeine is cut in half. I don’t have the sugar cravings that used to be daily and my skin, hair, and nails have improved as well!”

-Noelle Gallegos


10914876_10153067908714446_6938816075798730204_o“Since Stasha has come into my life I’ve become more aware of my cycle, and that there’s more than bleeding n PMS time! Who knew! This has helped me understand myself more, and helped my man understand me better. Her saying yes to her inner wisdom has helped me say yes to mine. I’m so grateful to know her!”

 -Christina Guillen



-Jennifer O’Neill