Get an easy to follow, fill in the blanks, map for the next 90 days.

Quarterly Planning with Flow Party!

You’ll get a template and a system that you can repeat each quarter!

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Let’s make your next Quarter Amazing !

Learn how to integrate your Cycle as you plan your quarter so that you can show up in your business as the best version of yourself AND look after your body as you go.

In this interactive workshop we will cover the basics of charting and how to understand your cycle SO that you use it to plan your content, sales and launches in your business confidently.

Plan in a way that embraces your women-hood, nourishes your needs and OPTIMISES your output – because all that will boost your PROFITS with less effort.

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We’ll be meeting via Zoom. You’ll receive an email with the link. Be sure to read the planner so you know what you need before the party.

YES, I will send out a recording of the party to everyone who has booked a spot! You also get ONE MONTH access to my YBYF membership. That means office hours and live Q&A so bring all your questions!

We focus on the upcoming quarter

but we’re make sure to keep your 2019 goals and

longterm goals in clear sight!

When is it happening?

Tuesday, April 2, 2019 at 5 PM – 7 PM PDT

Wednesday, April 3, 2019 at 11 AM – 1 PM AEDT

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Here’s What We Cover

We’ll create a plan for your quarter and then break it down into month by month actions. After that we’ll start integrating our cycles into our weekly plans. THIS is the magic.

This is when you stop sitting down each day saying ‘what do I have to do’ spending much of your day reacting. Instead start each day knowing what you have to do and knowing that you’ll be good at it! Now your running your business proactively. Getting more done in less time.

Start each day confidently.



Look back at the previous quarter to see what worked and what can be improved.


We look at our lives as a whole and see where we are so we know what to focus on moving forward.


It’s time to dream, and to turn those dreams into action plans!


We will talk cycles and how to consider these when mapping out your business activities.

From Stasha

The Period Coach

I help women learn and embrace the Power in their Periods.

It’s my life’s mission to end the taboo around menstruation for women. From little things like marketing to make women feel shame, to the death’s of women each and every year due to this taboo.

I am a business coach and strategist and do my best work when I get to combine these two passions.