I wanted to talk to you guys about power bars.

Those things are junk. I know they seem like a good idea, but they are full of preservatives, sugar, hidden sugar, soy, and chemicals. Even the “natural” ones. There are some good ones out there, they aren’t cheap but they do exist. 

I on the other hand prefer not to waste my money on something I can make at home and just pop into my bag on the way out the door. I’ve tried a few different recipes here are two of my favorites:


For this recipe I made my own almond butter. It’s super easy to do if you have a food processor. As in it’s one step. Seriously. I used vegan chocolate chips and made the whole thing vegan, gluten free, soy free and delicious in one move.

The other is a granola bar. There are so many granola bar recipes out there and I love them all but this one was the first one I tried and while I’ve made it with tons of different nuts and fruit I still base off of it.


First I’d like you to know that no I don’t use brown sugar in the recipe. I use about half of what it calls for and I use coconut sugar since it has a much lower glycemic index it won’t spike your blood sugar the way regular sugar does. For the liquid sugar I mostly use honey and black strap molasses. I like the extra iron the black strap adds and I like the rich flavor. Finally yes I do make my own oat flour and I use my home made almond butter. These things are so damned good a bag of them in my house lasts on a few days. No one can seem to put the bag down, myself included.

So if you just give yourself a little time the almond bars will last in the fridge at least a week and the granola bars, well they’ve never made it more than a week… but I would guess they will last even longer. Skip the junk and treat yourself to some treats!