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Bonus Day


What we talk about in the video:

  • Snacking to support your cycle. (0:10)
  • Even if you have amazing symptom free periods you can still optimize your flow with food. (2:30)
  • Let me tell you about – Your Business Your Flow (3:30)

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post your Phase and your Self-Care for this week.

Day 5


What we talk about in the video:

  • How to take this planning system and GO BIG!


Day 4

What we talk about in the video:

  • Time to integrate this into your whole day. (0:34)
  • Set yourself some reminders. (0:55)
  • What does it mean to check in with your body? (2:54)
  • What does your body need, in the moment? (3:05)
  • Today’s assignment (5:18)

Day 3

What we talk about in the video:

  • We kick off by checking in with how you feel about your new plan. (0:30)
  • What does it mean to have a plan that has designed just for you? (0:50)
  • Connecting to the feminine intuition and energy. (1:30)
  • Are you pushing, or are allowing and receiving? (2:25)
  • Today’s assignment. (3:30)

Day 2


What we talk about in the video:

  • Signs that your business is out of balance (0:52)
  • What Would Hermione Do? (1:58)
  • How to use these phases. (3:15)
  • Your assignment for today (7:33)

Day 1

Know the 4 phases and don’t experience PMS? You can skip to 4:45 of the video.

What we talk about in the video:

  • The 4 Phases and a little bit about each phase (0:10)
  • PMS and what that means for FEMpreneurs like you (5:50)
  • Self-Care (7:04)
  • The approximate length of time for each phase (8:28
  • Your first ‘assignment’  (10:20).