If your first thought is what the hell does fiber have to do with preventing breast cancer?! You are totally normal 😉

If you have PMS, cramps, bloating, mood swings, sweats, any period problems this is also for you.

The explanation is really simple. Estrogen removal.

Remember back at the beginning? I told you about what happened to me, and why I freaked out when my breasts hurt for two months straight. 

Then we talked about how 1 in 8 women would be diagnosed with breast cancer, but only 10-20% would be genetic. That means 80-90% of breast cancer has nothing to do with “breast cancer genes”

We went thru a ton of awesome info and now I’m going to give you the short version of how estrogen works in your body.

Estrogen Flow

1. Intake


Yes this is me. Yes it was delish. Yes I was not well the next day.

Estrogen gets into your body in several ways.

1. Your body produces it. It’s a part of the hormonal system, men and women both produce it. Depending on what part of your life you are in Maiden, Mother or Crone you produce it just in different degrees.

2. Soy. There is such a thing as therapeutic soy. This is real organic, sprouted, fermented soy. Like traditional miso, tempeh, soy sauce, even tofu. I use it myself as a medicine from time to time. However it’s in EVERYTHING. That’s no good. Soy works in your body just like estrogen. Without getting into it to deep basically it’s fake estrogen that just increases how much you already have in your body. It’s in your cereal, salad dressing, any fried food, lunch meat, bread, any packaged food or prepared meal, it’s even in your CHOCOLATE! I know! So this is one of the biggest sources of estrogen in your body. 

2.5 Animal Products. I say 2.5 because this relates to soy. Factory farmed animals are fed GMO corn and soy. If that chicken ate soy it’s whole, short sad life, you are eating soy. If you’re drinking milk from a conventional cow you’re drinking soy. If you’re eating butter you’re eating soy! Get my drift? Another this is even if you’re eating grass fed organic top of the line happy animal products they still contain hormones! You want to be aware of how many animal products you’re really eating. 

3. Birth Control. If your are on birth control you have way too much estrogen, there is a reason that it says on the label it increases risk of breast cancer. This is why. 

4. Your water. All those soy products? Guess where they end up? How about prescription pills? You guessed it. It doesn’t get filtered out and you end up drinking recycled estrogen. (unless you have an awesome filter)

5. Finally your lack of fiber! This leads me to Step 2 of your estrogen flow

2. Reabsorption

All that soy enters your body and circulates to do it’s job, then gets filtered out thru your liver. This is a drastic over-simplification but basically your liver breaks down your hormones so your body can use them, then the excess heads out. Hormones are fat soluble so they can’t be sweat, or peed out. It’s a back door only situation.

If you aren’t pooping once a day (or more!) the hormones in your gut are being reabsorbed and flowing thru your blood stream again. Building on what your making, eating, drinking… and now reabsorbing. This happens every day over and over again. 

This is a powerful amount of estrogen that builds in a very short time. All this excess has to be stored somewhere and as I said it’s fat soluble so it’s stored in your estrogen receptive fat -breast tissue. 

60-65% of breast cancer is estrogen dominant. 

This leads me to the best elimination of estrogen in your body:

3. Fiber





You need to poop!

Yup. This is something I go over with each and every client. You must sweep the excess estrogen out of your body. This is true of everyone regardless.

Many of the negative symptoms we women have with our menstrual cycle are due to excess estrogen. 

My two favorite ways to get good healthy fiber are Flax Seed and Chia Seed.

I love chia because it’s easy. Toss two or three spoonfuls in a giant glass of water stir (or a water bottle and shake) then drink! Boom done.

Flax I like, but it takes just a little work. A coffee grinder. Buy the seed whole, store them in the fridge. Grind them when you’re ready to eat them. I tend to do a couple tablespoons at a time then use half and save half for later or the next day. I say that because flax contains omega 3s but they start to disappear after grinding. However the flax is still an awesome fiber source.

I recommend these both because of the Omega 3s, but also because they are gelatinous like aloe. This means they absorb a ton of toxins on their way out of your body. So it’s a win win!

Don’t let the price tag food you. A little goes a long way. You can do one spoon a day and up it to two the week before your period. You’ll be surprised how some of your pms symptoms diminish as well! 

fiber, breast cancer prevention, omega 3s, toxin elimination, and pms reduction!!! All in a spoonful of seeds.