Flow Freedom

Create Freedom & Flow

Every Day!

It’s time to FLOW.

Using your 6 senses we’re going to go on a journey. Allowing pleasure and joy be the guides connecting us back to our roots, our womb, our menstrual cycles. We will bring balance and ease into every day of your life. 

Surfing Your Flow

There’s four stages to learning and, more importantly, using your flow. This is the journey we’ll take together. Enjoy ease and confidence as the result!

1. Learn to chart, this is like getting a life raft in the middle of a raging river. It will save you.

2. Use your senses to feel into your cycle. Discover what the different phases of your cycle feel like. This feels like getting out of the raging river. Climb onto the raft, catch your breath.

3. Explore your senses and cycle. See how they affect each other and learn to guide how you feel each and every day! This is fun! Feel like your on a big inner tube with a cup holder floating on a lazy river.

4. Enjoy the freedom that comes with living in flow. Now you’re chillin! You’re on a great big tube, cocktail in hand, floating along your own personal river!

No more surprises!

No more ruining your favorite pants, no more wondering what’s wrong with you, no more feeling crazy! After this program you’ll feel so much more in tune with your body. You’ll know what’s happening, why and what’s coming next.

This is a great program, filled with people just like you. The sisterhood support, the knowledge, the understanding and empathy you’ll receive – and give – makes this the perfect place to grow. You’ll learn mind blowing info, but better than that, you’ll USE this every single day. 

Sensual System™

THe key to flow freedom

Each sense has an influence, good or bad, on our hormones.

Think about a time when you watched a loud, flashy, suspense/action movie one that made your breath shallow and heart race. Your headache turned into a migraine. Just watching wiped you out.

When we’re stressed, anxious or fatigued, our body has to compensate. The hormones you made to deal with the movie stress had to come at the expense of other hormones…

Spoiler alert!

They come from your reproductive hormones. Which makes your PMS worse, your cramps, your fatigue, brain-fog, sore boobs, bloating, acne, flooding, the list goes on and on.

Which is why we need pleasure and our senses are a dircet line to pleasure! Our senses are sources of feeling pleasure. They bring our body into more balance not less! No expensive products or potions needed, it’s all about learning to use what you’ve already got and love to your advantage!


Each week we’re going to dive into one of our senses.

1. We’ll start by charting, learning what to observe and why.

2. Then we’ll get to play! Try new discoveries, and try old favorites in new ways.

3. Review. What worked? What didn’t? What felt good? What will you do again?

4. Adjust what you’ll try next time, so you’re improving each cycle.

5. Flow Freedom! Enjoy the rewards that will grow and grow as you continue to practice!

8 Weeks to Flow



Discover period tracking and the bigger picture of charting! ESSENTIAL.


Learn how the foods you love can improve how you feel every day.


Discover smells can help you have a healthier cycle.

Touch & Movement

Our skin and how we move have profound impact on our cycles.


Allow your sense of sight to guide your actions through your cycle.


Transform your cycle experience with sounds and music.


There are many ways to connect to our womb wisdom.

Closing Circle Celebration!

Of course we’ll have to celebrate, and enjoy our newfound pleasure in flow!

Success Stories

I actually kicked my recurring migraine last month and also noticed the acne being a lot better… looking forward to putting in more work here… Stasha’s advice totally does work! Kris Ferris

CEO, Kris Ferris Photography

I just knew I had to work with Stasha and this was an investment I had to make. I felt it in my bone/soul however you can understand it. It was a way to move forward, and you can too. If you have felt any desire to work with Stasha and are longing to feel deeply connected, then I’d urge you to join. Sudiksha Joshi

Founder & CEO, We Are Always Learning

I have found a balance state of alignment. I’ve drank her wisdom in as I fed my desire to understand not just how my menstrual cycle affects my daily life, but also my relationship with my body. As a woman I NEEDED this information! Jo Wignall

Weekly Content

Short videos broken down by topic makes it easy to listen, find what you’re looking for, and get what you need when you need it.

Live Calls

We’ll have live calls each month to check in, answer questions, and get tips on how to integrate these pleasure practices into everyday life.

Private Group

We’ll have a private Facebook group that you can use to connect 24/7. Post pictures, share stories, celebrate success, get support, enjoy sisterhood! This is a safe #taboofreezone.

Enter The Red Circle

You’ll need a chart, so you’ll be getting my coloring book, Enter The Red Circle, FREE!

With 13 cycles worth of mandalas, space to journal, goal plan, and dream, you’ll want to print out a copy and get started right away!


All of this for...



Yep, that’s it!

It’s really that easy. Get all that access, content, the charting mandala book, live calls, incredible supportive community, all for under $200.

Should this be more? Absolutely. Have my friends told me this should be over $1,000? Multiple times.

But I want this to be accessible not cost prohibitive. So for right now, this launch, I’m sticking to only $197. No promises for next time.

Need to break that in two? You can choose 2 payments of $99.

There’s a 24 hour, no questions asked, full refund policy. If after the first 7 days of the program you find it’s not for you, send an email with your completed homework and we’ll arrange a refund.


Ready? Let’s FLOW Together!