I DON’T HAVE ANY AFFILIATION WITH THIS PRODUCT. I’m not a blogger that get’s paid if you click on the link, I don’t get free gifts from anyone. I just love you guys and think you should know as much as possible. It’s your life, you decide how to live it.

One with the show:

My bestie doesn’t have toenails. She hasn’t since I met her a decade (maybe more but I’m not telling;) ago. She lost them due to repetitive kicking. Apparently in Muay Thai there’s a thing called iron body where you kill off the nerve endings by strikes. Like kicking a heavy bag with your foot until you lose your toenails. She has no feeling in her shins, feet, and part of her forearms from knife training. This is great in a fight, if someone hits you it doesn’t matter so much.

All I’m going to say is if you can have someone like her for a best friend I really recommend it. Just knowing if the zombie apocalypse happens we’re a complete team is great! I cook, she defends. Done.

Any way… She started drinking this stuff around 6 months ago. First one toenail started to grow back in. Now the second toenail is 1/2 grown in. She’s certainly upgraded her diet, no ‘box o meals’ like the Trader Joes frozen bag meals, she’s cooking more, but she hasn’t gotten nearly as crazy as me. She loves her cheese and bread and I’m certainly not going to argue with her! So without going Gluten Free, or Vegan, or Paleo, or any other newfangled diet she’s regrowing toenails. After 10+ years.

So you’ve got to understand my willingness to try something that has that kind of effect.

I’ve got weak teeth. You may have picked that up in my rant about spending thousands of dollars on one tooth over and over again. If not I’ll paraphrase. I get holes in my teeth. They either crack the tooth or get a cavity in them. I brush 2x or more a day and I floss every night. I do my best to eat a rich diet full of all those bone building veggies. This has been a problem my whole life. So I’m drinking the mud. I’m hoping that in the next year I can go to the dentist and be whole free. I’ll let you know how it goes!

This stuff doesn’t taste bad, but it’s gritty, not going to lie to you. They make capsules and I get why. However, I’ve drank some pretty weird stuff in my day and this at least doesn’t taste bad!

The concept is that clay absorbs toxins deep in your intestine. It’s going to clean you out for sure, but not in the way high fiber cleanses do. It’s gentle, so you can actually drink it everyday, getting the benefits of the minerals and a daily detox that so important in our polluted lives. It’s alkalizing as well, most of us are eating an acidic diet, along with living acidic lives that are very hard on our bodies. This helps to counterbalance all that. Logically this mud makes perfect sense to me, but I hate having to take supplements. When I saw her toenails I knew it was time to try it.

It’s full of minerals that your body just doesn’t get. 57 Essential Minerals says the packaging. I understand that back in the day before we sterilized our living environments we ate dirt. Our veggies had dirt on them still and we used to eat a ton of veggies. That was a reliable source of B12 for our ancestors. Even in times when man couldn’t get to an animal source he still got B vitamins from the veggies. That’s actually why animal products we eat have B vitamins. They don’t wash their veggies. 

I’m willing to believe we don’t get all the minerals our body needs for maximum awesomeness. This is the site I bought from: http://www.kanwaminerals.com/detox/detox-diet/Energy-Detox-Package 

I ordered this package, and they sent a little free gift along with it! I do love a free gift! 

She reported a big boost in her energy levels. She used to be a 2 pot of coffee a day girl. Now she doesn’t even finish a cup. I’m not a big caffeine drinker, frankly it cracks me out. But who doesn’t want an energy boost?! Keep an eye out, as I’ll be updating you here on how it goes.

Have you tried this mud before? Are you interested? Let me know your thoughts!