So I’ve loaded you guys up with an overview on breast cancer, and how 80%-90% of the time it’s not “the cancer gene”. So then I gave you a TON of gene and cancer info (don’t worry hormones and cancer will be coming soon!). I shared an incredible list of supplements and foods that are very protective. I gave you an awesome exercise to do last week in order to support your amazing self!

I really think it’s time for a recipe! You’ve got a ton of info, last week was an action week, something solid you could do for yourself. Let’s do another action week. This one will be yummy! I’ll even give you a few 😉

Instant Energy Boost!

This is what I do in the afternoon for my pick me up. These are also traditional breakfast options pre westernization in most countries.

Bone Broth

I get a giant coffee mug and bring my eternal seaweed broth up to a simmer. I add a spoonful of miso in my mug and stream the broth over the miso to ‘melt’ it. Then I add bone broth to fill the my mug. Drink!

There are a ton of ways this can be done. I like to keep seaweed broth on my stove so it lives in a glass pot. I add water when it gets about half way. When I pour into my cup and my broth is to light it’s time to start a fresh pot! I use Kombu and one other type of dried seaweed. I know people are nervous about Japan and radiation. If this concerns you get Atlantic seaweed. I buy Korean seaweed personally. If you choose to go this route don’t add anything else to this pot. Just seaweed.

As for bone broth… How to make Bone Broth this is a potent source of CLA, one of the major components listed in my previous post. The thing is you must use grass fed beef bones, not conventional bones. I use chicken bones very often as well. This isn’t as high in CLA but it does provide you with very important nutrients like calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Which does not live in milk like you’ve been lead to believe. Sorry. If you click on the link above, I have 3 very awesome and informative links in my Bone Broth recipe to further your education!

Next we need to talk Miso. You can not use miso unless it says:

2. Non GMO
3. Fermented
4. Unpasteurized

Soy is not our friend, unless it has been fermented and is non GMO. I also don’t recommend this unless you have eliminated other sources of soy. Bread, processed foods, condiments, dressings, drinks, pretty much everything has soy in it. So get your label reading glasses on!

I get this brand because it does meet those requirements and it also says no MSG and no preservatives on the label.

Get to you an asian market near you. I promise it will be SOOOO much cheaper than buying online.

Ok, so we’ve covered a ton of really hugely beneficial foods in just one drink! Let’s move on to solid food 😉

Super Meal!!!

This is beyond awesome. You can make it for dinner then take the left overs for lunch! Then toss what’s left in scrambled eggs for breakfast. (Pastured eggs being rich in CLA!) Win-win-win!!!

I told you about how healthy fats are essential to eliminating toxins in your body. Which you accumulate everyday. You can use either Coconut Oil, sesame oil or Ghee in this recipe. Don’t use any other vegetable oil, they go rancid when heated.
In health coaching we refer to the following foods as G-Bombs. They are the top cancer preventing and fighting foods:

O-nions (and family like garlic)
M-ushrooms (white have been found to contain the most cancer fighting ability!)

If you want more info:

In the mean time here we go!

2Tbs oil
1 med onion, diced big
3 cloves garlic, smashed then chopped
1 box white mushrooms, sliced
1 bell pepper, chopped
1 bunch greens, kale, collards, swiss chard, mustard greens if you like spicy!
1tsp – 1 Tbs turmeric*
1/4 cup raw or sprouted seeds sesame, hemp, pumpkin, sunflower have fun!

Warm the oil in a non teflon pan, toss the onions in and stir to coat with oil. Let them start to soften, the kitchen should start to smell like onions!

Toss in the mushrooms and bell pepper. The mushrooms will start to darken and pepper start to soften. Stir to coat the veggies, you don’t have to stir constantly but keep an eye these steps don’t take more than a few minutes each.

Toss in the garlic and turmeric, stir everything up til it’s all bright orange, then add your greens. Stir once more -if you need to add more oil feel free! The mushrooms do soak it up!

Cook just a few minutes until the greens turn bright green then take your pan off the heat. Stir in your seeds right before you serve!

That’s it. Easy peasy!

*Turmeric. Buying turmeric. You can get the whole fresh root in stores like Sprouts and Whole Foods. That’s awesome! It’s hard to find powdered turmeric that hasn’t been irradiated. Spices in stores have all been irradiated, which means they aren’t healing anymore. I buy mine at a local coop or on online where I know they are still healing. If you hate the taste then I suggest a turmeric pill. They make em, you take em!

What about Vit K?

Good question! You do need it to absorb all the good stuff you’ve been eating and drinking! That’s why every culture in the world has fermented food!

My people, the Polish can’t live without sauerkraut or beet kvass.
Korean: kim chi
Japanese: Natto and Soy Sauce (the real stuff is fermented)
Chinese: Tofu (the real stuff is fermented)
Mexico: Tepache a fermented pineapple drink
Ethiopia: Injari (that spongy bread is actually fermented Teff)
Middle East: Kefir
Himalaya: Bhaati Jaanr a fermented rice
Africa: Fufu or Gari fermented cassava root
Indonesia: Tempe fermented soy
Peru: Chica fermented maize

Kombucha is found in many cultures under different names! Basically it’s just a fermented tea so there are unlimited types out there.

Across the board every culture fermented the extra crops to store and eat in the winter/drought/floods when every there was a food shortage. Pickles used to be fermented!

What’s my point? You need a healthy gut to absorb any of this. In order to have a healthy gut you MUST eat fermented food/drinks every day. Ideally first thing in the morning and with each meal. A few forkfulls will do it. A few sips of kombucha will do it. This isn’t about eating a ton in one sitting -you’ll poop all day! It’s about adding in a little at a time all day long.

My other point? Natto and sauerkraut are the only veggie source of K2, and it varies widely. You need K2 in order to heal at the cellular level -which you must to for optimal genes! K2 is in grass fed butter, bone broth, pastured egg yolk, cod liver oil, and liver. There are a few other sources but these are the best ones. Sorry vegans. Again eating conventional animal products does more harm than good so if you can’t find good butter see if there’s a neighbor with back yard chickens! If you can’t find good eggs…

Make Ghee! This is a great way to get your Vit K2, it’s really not hard and so much cheaper than buying it! 

My last 2 cents

Eating all this stuff is good, you also need selinium and Vit D to make it work in the body. Here’s my last recipe:

Handful of Brazil Nuts

Eat your nuts in the sun! Skip the sunblock for a little bit and let your body absorb the Vit D. The time you need depends on everything to the time of year, time of day, and your race. The easiest answer I can give you is don’t let yourself burn. If you are of Polish decent like me 20 minutes is a good start time, as you tan you can increase your sun time. If you are of African decent then a few hours is ok! Everyone can tell when their skin is starting to feel like a chicken on the bbq. Stop before you burn!!!

WHEW! See you next week!!!