Last week was a TON of information. 

If you missed it please take a look Boobs Part 4

Every entry I’m writing is something you need to know for yourself and the loved ones in your life.

Pass this on, it may save a life.

Your Divine Feminine

So this week I want to change it up completely. 

Let’s talk about the Divine Feminine. 

There are tons of statistics that show a direct link between having time with your girlfriends and your health. There is also a number of studies that focus on how the kind of company you keep influences your health.

I like to think of the Divine Feminine as being true to yourself 100%

So for this week I’m giving you an exercise I give my clients. 

Do this in a place where you feel safe, won’t be interrupted and feel free to burn the pages when you’re done. Or lock them in a safe. Or what ever! The idea is that you can be 100% honest with out worry.

No one else matters in this moment. Just you. So forget what Suzy thinks of Sally or what Johnny said about Melissa. Yours is the only opinion that matters.

Make a list of the people you spend the majority of your time with, then the people you spend some time with, then the people you rarely spend time with.

Now make a list of people you want to spend time with. The people who make you feel at ease, who don’t judge, who will tell you when you have spinach in your teeth. Who are the people that discuss interests with you? Politics, philosophy, science, health, healing, meditation, marital arts, interior decorating, landscaping, whatever! Who are the people who encourage you to unfurl your freak flag and let it wave from the tallest tower? When you get to see this/these people you feel safe and you want time to stop.

Now make a list of people who you dread seeing. Who are the people that make you feel like you need to put on makeup? That you have to transform yourself in some way to appease them. The people who talk about other people, judge other people, put people down. Who are the people in your life that exaughst you? When you leave you feel like you need a drink, shower, sleep?

Now look at your schedule for next week. What’s there that doesn’t need to be? Is there a lunch with someone from the second list? Call them and tell them you just won’t be able to make it this week. Then call someone from your first list and ask them to come for tea. 

Try just one change. Maybe you can’t eliminate a person from your second list. So schedule a juice date right after with someone from the first list.

This is your one and only life (maybe). What can you do, just one little thing, this coming week that brings someone who supports you into your life and/or reduces someone who brings you down?

Being true to you is Your Divine Feminine 

Now write down something that you’ve always wanted to do, or try. ANYTHING here are some examples:

trapeze lesson
stand up
dye your hair
shooting range
learn about crystals
make tea, or take a tea class!
cook a new dish
go out and eat a new dish


The woman who drew this is amazing. You should check her out. She is a personal friend of mine! http://elizabethbeier.com/
Now who on your first list would encourage you to do what you want? Who would go do it with you?!

Schedule it for this month. You’ve got 30 days to find time to do one new thing. With friends or on your own, either way!

Meeting once a week with a group or a good friend is honestly a HUGE boost to your wellbeing. All those good chemicals flood your brain and body. This is essential to your wellbeing. 

I’m an introvert. I don’t get energy by hanging out with a group of people. I enjoy groups but in small dosages. I do, however, notice when I haven’t interacted with other human beings for to long. Depression can be subtle. I went thru a period of time where I got rid of all the negative people in my life. If you were a downer, you were gone. Then I had a stretch of time that I felt very alone. I can tell you: It’s worth it. With room in my head and heart I made some amazing new friends, I spent so much more time with my best friend, and I met my current boyfriend. 

If I hadn’t made space for good things to come…

Full disclosure we don’t make it every week but my best friend and I strive to spend a good solid 5-6 hours at a local Korean Spa once a week. We generally make it 3x a month. We are both extremely busy women and it’s hard, but if you don’t have time for your bestie then what the hell are you doing with your time? I know all the excuses, I’ve said them all. 


How does this relate to my boobs?

Well with out going back into science land again, stress, depression, sleep disruption, anxiety, digestion problems… all of these things are directly linked to cancer. They turn off your good genes, they switch on your bad genes. Those flight or fight chemicals cause your body to only focus on living, not healing, detoxing or repairing. Your body can’t focus on everything when you’re in stress. You may think living with chronic stress is normal but it absolutely IS NOT!

Everyone has a weak gene, when you live in chronic stress that gene is just given up. Eventually it catches up to everyone in one way or another. Cancer, specifically breast cancer is just one way. But knowing this and treating yourself like the Divine Goddess that you are is an essential part of prevention or treatment. 

There are a million ways to de-stress, and I recommend what ever works for you. 

The Divine Feminine is you claiming your space. Not allowing stressors in your life to steal your health and vitality. The Divine Feminine is you following your heart. Releasing the fear of what others think and doing only for yourself. Some of the best people in my life have such amazing personalities!

One has a tiara she wears when she needs to focus on herself. Now just think about that for a second. You’re having a bad day. You need to collect yourself and calm down. Why not pick up your tiara, place it regally on your beautiful head and just be amazing?

The Divine Feminine.

Another goes to grappling class. This is how she works out her anger. Just go fight! Learn something new, get the wind knocked out of your lungs then get up and do it to someone else! Bonus is you get a rocking body! She always feels like a new person, smiling and ready for the next day.

The Divine Feminine.

These two ladies have special places in my heart.

The Divine Feminine. If you are ignoring, silencing, or drowning your beautiful spirit please stop! That way lies disease. Be the amazing woman that you are! That way lies health and happiness!

It can be hard to hear your own inner Divine Spark. That’s why good friends are essential! If you’re in that place where you’ve gotten rid of all the negative and feel the emptiness reach out. Reach out to someone you think may be awesome, or reach out to me! I would be honored to help you hear your Divine Feminine Spark. She’s in there, I promise!

I hope you have a lovely week. Don’t forget to do your homework!!!