So fantastic I’ve already got Artful 2021 on my calendar.

I loved Arful. The women were so genuine and brave. There was real discussion here, a panel on how to use your platform for social issues that I had the pleasure to speak on. It was a really good experience that I know made a difference. I spoke to a few women after who told me it made a difference. That just makes my heart swell.

Also there was so much good stuff happening that I had a hard time choosing where to go, what to learn! In the end I really was just so happy to spend serious quality time with the women at this conference.

I did have an upper limit moment at the end.

I celebrated a bit toooo much at the end.


I did my last speaking gig after 3 intense months and at no point did my body or brain go, you know you can’t drink more than 2 maybe 3 glasses of wine girl.

I just spent a night drinking wine lol. I felt like death the next day and that was my moment of going, I think I upper limited myself. I think I was feeling SO good, I set myself up to feel bad.

Fortunately it was only one day and I survived my hangover.

Barely, but I did it 😂

Also I wasn’t alone and I had SUCH FUN.

These pics are me delivering my Business In Flow workshop, me on the first morning – feeling ver ON BRAND and hugs goodbye with the ever gorgeous Elle Roberts – I seriously love that woman!

Aside from tonnes of learning and the opportunity to talk BUSINESS all weekend, Artful was so amazing because I got to spend a full weekend with these SUPER smart women.


Really just felt like home. 

 Shannon Bush, me and Liesel Albrecht – the middle pic – is EXTRA exciting as Liesel is hosting a HUGE weeklong retreat in Fiji with Elizabeth Gilbert headlining and Shannon and myself delivering Keynotes.

I mean holy shit – POWERHOUSE WOMEN go to this event!

Even with all this fun and chatting (and wine drinking), you’ve got to make time for charting right! Cause girl – you gotta chart! 

Along with many other guests and speakers I stayed at this lovely art hotel.

Each room has a totally unique artwork, painted directly on the walls and the decor in the room is then matched to the painting.

My roommate was awesome too HAHA!

The Adelaide botanical gardens are wonderful!

There was a wedding photoshoot making it even more beautiful. 

As were the Adelaide Hills.

I’ll be back Adelaide (just not sure when) and I will certainly be back at Artful Business Conference when it goes to Perth in 2021!


Stay tuned for the end of Australia!