The translation of Yin and Yang is the sunny side and the dark side of the mountain.

You are the mountain. This means you are both Yin -inward energy and Yang -outward energy.

You can’t be one without the other. There is no Yin without Yang, because you can’t be inward if there is no outward. You can’t be outward if there is no in!

I know it sounds very pointless. Monks on top of a mountain meditating have no idea what life is like. So let me, a woman living between super rich people in spacious lofts and super poor people living in tents on skid row in downtown LA share some perspective.

Right now I can easily see the struggle to make ends meet and build. I’m building a business in one of the most expensive places to live in the US. The argument between NYC, SF and LA is totally pointless. I’ve lived in two out of the three. It’s the same shoebox apartment, the weathers just different. (LA is the dirtiest of all 3, but the sunniest…)

If I am the mountain my life is my chosen expression of Yin and Yang.

My most extreme Yang is my business. I’m launching an awesome new program called The Red Circle: 6 Steps to Empowerment. I’m hosting three FREE webinars to help heal, and give you a preview of the program – I believe in the try before you buy concept, it’s the only ethical way to run a business IMO – Calling Out Myths.

I’ve got affiliate partners, as well as 6 guest speakers, a small team, and a co-host to keep organized and informed. As well as marketing and development. Thank goodness the actual content is already done!!!

So you can see that this is VERY YANG.

However, my building just evicted everyone who’s lived there for any length of time. They will list our apartment for an extra – not total, an extra $1,200 a month.

Unfortunately this comes at the same time as my program launches. I will have to move at the exact same time that I will need to be on my computer 24/7 processing a slew of sign ups, and answering all the customer service needs that will arise. I will not be able to look for a new place or do anything but work at that time. 

I must be as YIN as possible about this. I may be homeless, but I will not be without a roof over my head. I have delightful friends that will share their space, and family on the other side the country if need be. In order for me to be Yin about this I had to run my worst case scenario. Which turns out isn’t so bad! Bumming with a few friends for a month, tying up loose ends here in LA, then hitting the road and hanging with my parents in their small beach house for a few months while I regroup. 

Because I don’t have to be Yin about this forever. I just have to be for now. 

No one can be all Yang without suffering from burnout. If I were to stress myself out over this program and all the people involved, PLUS stressing out about trolling the internet for a new apt, and going to showings everyday, I would fail at both.

How did I make this decision? I realized that building this program and making sure you have the opportunity to be a part of it means everything to me. This program is my own, it’s my baby, and it’s my life. I KNOW that it will heal and empower women where-ever they are. I can help change lives, or I can find a place to live for a year. 

I honestly don’t care where I live right now. I only care about getting this program out into the world in the biggest way possible so it can change lives. That means more than where I’m going to sleep for a short span of time. Stuff is just stuff. It’s all replaceable. The cat and the dog don’t care where we live, so long as we sleep in a pile at the end of the day. Love will still be there.

So I sit here, sharing with you that while this decision to be so very Yin about where I’ll live next has been made it’s not easy. I want more than anything to resolve this and know what’s coming next. Do I need to sell everything? Or will I be moving into an empty space that I’ll have to build into? Who knows?! But I do know that at the end of June, when you are signing up for my program, I will have made the right choice. I will have helped however many women lead EMPOWERED lives because I choose everyday to fully immerse myself in empowering YOU. 

I know that I will be fine. I will be loved just as much in July as I was in June regardless of where I lay my head. I am the mountain, I am both Yin and Yang. That’s what it looks like in real life.

Join me for The Red Circle!