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You deserve to know what’s going on in your own body, girl. Book a 60min Chat with me and let’s talk periods.

If you’re ready to learn about your cycle this is for you. No more guessing, hoping, or cursing. Gain clarity and confidence!

Options for what we can do together:

1. We can talk cycles.

Do you know the 5 phases of your cycle? Do you know what will help or hurt you? Do you want more confidence and less guessing? Do you want to know what to look for in a healthy cycle, and what your current cycle is saying about your health? This ones for you.

2. A business assessment.

What’s your biz? Are you scheduling in flow? Where can we improve or streamline? We’ll take a look at your current plan and break down your monthly schedule to FLOW with you! At the end of this call you’ll have a solid plan, and a clear way to DO MORE in LESS TIME by harnessing the Power in your Period!

3. I lead a Positive Periods class. 

I love videoing in with you and your girl friends, or perhaps you’ve got a group of teen girls that could use empowerment with a side of facts about their bodies. You just let me know!

We’re going to hop on Zoom and chat for 60 minutes. You’ll be able to ask me anything in a private shame free space!

This can also be used for a group. If you’ve got a group of ladies or teens that you’d like to EMPOWER invest in this consult and I’ll drop in via video for an hour of Q&A all about EMPOWERING YOUR PERIOD!!!


If you decide to continue working with me beyond your 1:1, the cost of this session will be

deducted from the package that you choose.

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Who’s Stasha

I’m Stasha, that’s Polish for Stephanie. It’s a question I get a lot. Not as much as I get asked, “What the heck is a Period Coach?!”.

So I think I’ll start there.

I help women learn and embrace the Power in their Periods.

It’s my life’s mission to end the taboo around menstruation for women. From little things like marketing to make women feel shame, to the death’s of women each and every year due to this taboo.

The Period Coach

The Art of Bleeding and Bling

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